• Get to know the “Vexty Culture”

    DATE: 02/02/2023

    Published by: Vexty

    The Vexty Culture is perceived and practiced on a daily basis, in the actions of each member and in interactions between teams and related parties. Our values and behaviors in line with our Reason for Existing and Vision inspire us and guide our future.

    Vexty’s Reason for Existing:

    “We support people, through pension solutions, in achieving quality of life and well-being today and tomorrow, in partnership with Sponsors and Institutors.”

    Our Vision:

    To be recognized for excellence and security in the administration of pension solutions, with an ethical, integral, and transparent performance, and as a reference for the sector.

    In October, Vexty Members participated in the workshop “Elements of Vexty Culture” and were able to interact and share about how we see and practice the values and behaviors of our Culture on a daily basis.

    Want to know a little more about our Culture? In this issue we will start by presenting our 8 values, which guide us and orient us towards our desired goals. Values are behavioral drivers, which indicate how what is valued should be done.



    Let’s get to know each one of them?



    1. We trust in the potential of the human being
    2. We believe in the will and in the capacity that each person has to develop.


      1. We act with the Spirit of Service

      We promote and encourage collaborative environments, with a relationship of humility and simplicity, learning, teaching, and sharing our knowledge.


      1. We are ethical, upright and transparent

      We act openly, honestly and in compliance with the law, our Corporate Governance and internal guidelines. We honor our commitments and make decisions without self-interest.


      1. We Practice Planned Delegation and Trust in the Leader-Leader Relationship

      We practice planned delegation through a disciplined AP Cycle process, with determination, dialogue, creativity, and commitment. We believe that education through work accelerates our development and shapes the future generation.


      1. We work for the satisfaction of our participants, assisted, sponsors and institutors

      We focus on the satisfaction of our participants and assisted ones, sponsors and institutors, acting in accordance with our reason for existing and with our duty to protect the Plan and the Entity.


      1. We practice inclusion and diversity

      Plurality enhances our strength, improves our delivery and results.

      We encourage everyone to make the commitment to welcome and respect individual differences, ensuring equity among all.


      1. We Promote Sustainable Development

      We encourage sustainable development in our operation, in our business relationships, and in society. We operate on three pillars: social, environmental, and governance. We promote a culture of health care and well-being for our members.


      1. We practice innovation and creativity

      We practice innovation and creativity to improve the quality and efficiency of our solutions. We are open to new discoveries, creating solutions, embracing challenges with optimism, and turning problems into opportunities that serve our business.

      Did you like it? Then stay tuned, in our next issue we will tell you about our behaviors, showing how the way we act serves as an example, being consistent with what we value.


      Our way of being. Vexty. Absolutely.

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