• Get to know a few Odebrecht Group members who practice sports that stimulate health and wellbeing

    DATE: 02/19/2020

    Published by: Novonor

    Did you know that on February 19th we celebrated Sportsman’s Day in Brazil? Created with the intention of providing more transparency and professionalism to the national sports scene, the date officially appeared in 1993 with the creation of the “Zico Law”. Later on, this law was updated and became popularly called the “Pelé Law” or “Free Pass Law”.

    In addition to promoting health, the practice of sports provides several advantages, such as concentration and cooperation.

    Here at the Odebrecht Group, the health and safety of our members is stimulated, promoted and practiced. We value attitudes and behaviors that prioritize well-being. Therefore, nothing is fairer than to pay homage on this date to those who dedicate themselves to the practice of sports in order to include healthy habits for body and mind in their lives.

    Do you also practice any sport or have you started any physical activity? Share with us what this sport means to you!

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    Sport: road cycling and mountain biking

    “Cycling plays a key role in my well-being. The bicycle has been my main means of transportation from home to work for almost 6 years. Coming by bike has allowed me more time for other activities. In addition, being able to incorporate an aerobic activity into my daily life has had a very positive impact on my physical and mental health. Mountain biking, for example, makes it possible to visit hidden paradises in the state of SP”



    Sport: street running

    “Running is a therapy. You challenge your mind and body at every moment. Persistence and planning lead you to surprising results. I love running because it is a democratic sport. With a pair of tennis shoes and a little discipline you get incredible results. It’s fascinating! At the start of a street race, we have wheelchair users, professional runners, senior citizens, executives, trainees and students, all there together and helping each other to reach one goal: to cross the finish line!”



    Sport: squash

    “Squash, to me, is agility, quick thinking and strategy. It’s knowing that every game is different, that every point counts and that giving up is not an option. It’s evolving and getting better everyday. It’s respecting my opponent and testing my own limits. It’s like that on and off the court. It’s like that in life.”




    Sport: triathlon

    “Triathlon to me is much more than a sport. It represents a gradual change in my lifestyle. The practice of this sport brings me discipline, due to the daily dedication to training, and resilience, because I am exposed to extreme situations. It also introduces good people into my life.”


    Sport: Jiu-Jitsu

    “Jiu-Jitsu represents a lifestyle. Its philosophy brings together perseverance, courage, resilience, honor and humility. Above all, the sport teaches us not to feel different from others”



    Sport: Triathlon

    “Triathlon is a high-performance sport in which we set goals, strategies, discipline and control of results. Lessons that help us, a lot, in our day-to-day business. We acquire the ability to overcome ourselves in difficult and lasting tasks, such as in a test, which lasts long hours. Managing a business provides routine surprises, just as we experience in a triathlon race”



     Sport: triathlon

    “Triathlon, to me, is synonymous with discipline and overcoming. A test of the limits of body and mind. The challenge and the accomplishment are what motivate me to always give my best “



    Sport: Jiu-Jitsu

    “When I started Jiu-Jitsu I resisted a lot because it was a contact sport, because I always had a person literally glued to me. But it’s with Jiu-Jitsu that I learn to deal with frustration, to overcome my limits and empower myself,” Deborah.

    “Jiu-Jitsu is a lifestyle based on discipline and respect. On the tatami, there is no room for prejudice. For this reason, in addition to the gains in body consciousness and resistance, it is a practice for all and it shows you ways to face fears and highlight potentialities, which has strengthened me as a woman in a world with such indifference” Camila.


    Sport: running

    “For me, sports are not only a means to prolong life, but also a way to ally the tensions and stress of everyday life. I feel much better, motivated and cheerful when I practice sports assiduously”.

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