• Foundation speaks at the Inter-American Forum on Strategic Philanthropy

    DATE: 04/29/2022

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Participatory governance was the theme of Cristiane Nascimento’s presentation at the meeting


    The Foundation team attended more than 20 workshops, plenary sessions and discussions

    Management focus days for the Third Sector. This was the summary of the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation team’s participation in the Inter-American Forum for Strategic Philanthropy – FIFE -, which took place between April 26 and 29 in Sorocaba – SP. About 600 people attended the meeting in person, while another 300 participated online. In addition to attending the meeting, the Foundation was part of the team of speakers at FIFE: Cristiane Nascimento, responsible for Sustainability, Partnerships and Communication, gave a lecture with the theme ‘How Participative Governance can strengthen the performance in the Third Sector’ on Thursday -28.

    The term Participative Governance represents the joint action between Public Power – Federal, State, and Municipal Governments-, private initiative, and civil society. It is about how the PDCIS, the Foundation’s Social Program, is run, and that is why it was the chosen subject for the lecture. “In our Program, Participatory Governance was the basis of its conception, besides being consolidated as an inherent and indispensable condition to the relationship among the various actors and stakeholders”, explained Cristiane to the audience, in her presentation. “It is the way to apply good business practices, policies and guidelines, codes of conduct, technical cooperation agreements, contracts, and council structuring,” he exemplified.

    The event took place in Sorocaba – SP – and gathered around 600 participants from all over the country

    The lecture was also an opportunity to disclose the results achieved by the PDCIS in 2021, such as the planting of almost 200 thousand trees, the training of 282 family farmers, and the integration of 156 families in local socio-productive associations. Click here to learn more about the Foundation’s Social Program.

    Participation in the event

    For the team, the participation in the event – which involved, besides the lecture given by the Foundation, attending more than 20 workshops, plenary sessions, and discussions – was a moment to exchange experiences and build bridges with other foundations and civil society organizations -CSOs. “It was very interesting to see what other institutions are doing, to check the trends in the third sector,” says Adélcio Menezes, Partnerships coordinator at the Foundation. “The Forum allowed us not only to learn from the experience of our peers, but also to carry out practices that will add value to our processes,” added Camila Giuliani, communications coordinator.

    Cláudia Pimentel, Sustainability coordinator, emphasized the opportunity to learn about issues related to strategic philanthropy and social impact. “Issues such as a culture of donation, transparency and engagement are already recurrent in our daily lives”, she explains, “but the programming also allowed us to learn more about innovations such as design thinking, franchises in the Third Sector and automation, for example, and inspire us to adopt new practices”.
    The Inter-American Forum on Strategic Philanthropy is hosted by the Philanthropy Network and has been held since 2014.

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