• Foundation Discloses Legal Reporting for Tribute to the Future

    DATE: 09/12/2017

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Approximately 300 children and adolescents were directly benefited by the educational projects supported by the Tribute to the Future Program – New Generations during the first six months of the year. Another 5,500 people were indirectly benefited from 150 communities in 15 Bahia municipalities. This thanks to the initiative of people like you, who contributed with a donation or income tax-deductible contribution.

    These and other figures were recently released by the Odebrecht Foundation on its homepage. The accounting from the latest edition of Tribute to the Future also reveals that over 88 tons of food, including banana, manioc, and fish, were cultivated by adolescents through the 145 Educational-Production Projects (PEPs) implemented. The PEPs are activities that are part of the school curriculum for students, promoting these adolescents’ development so that they can master technologies applied to production in the field.

    Adolescents like João Pedro Barreto, age 15. A student of the Family Homes that are part of the Odebrecht Foundation’s Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), he states that every day, he is more encouraged to remain in the rural region. “I have a hectare of banana and another of manioc that are progressing better than I imagined,” said Barreto. He also disseminates the knowledge he has learned in the rural seminars in the community of Cocão, located in the city of Wenceslau Guimarães. This year, 148 seminars have been held, together with 60 field days and training sessions.


    Tribute to the Future – New Generations in figures

    2016/2017 Campaign

    • 6,000 participants
    • R$ 3.3 million raised
    • 229 directly benefited
    • 5,560 indirectly benefited
    • 150 communities
    • 15 Bahia municipalities


    Want to learn more? You can follow the results of the benefited projects on the foundation’s digital channels. “This legal reporting is a very important phase of the entire cycle,” said Cristiane do Nascimento, responsible for Tribute to the Future. “We maintain a transparent dialogue with the social investors, respecting their right to understand the tangible and intangible results generated through their investment,” she said.

    The 2017/18 campaign will begin soon. This year, you will be able to contribute to the Future Rural Entrepreneur Adolescent Training projects. They are promoted by the Family Homes that are part of PDCIS. Stay informed!


    Did you know?

    The resources that are donated or reverted to Tribute to the Future go directly to the municipalities’ Childhood and Adolescence Funds through the Municipal Board for the Rights of Children and Adolescents. The Board is responsible for passing on the amounts raised to projects focused on defending the rights of this group

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