• For the second year in a row, Braskem encourages circular economy at Lollapalooza Brazil

    DATE: 03/30/2023

    Published by: Braskem

    Action reinforces the company’s concern in making the population aware of the need to correctly dispose of plastic and guarantee its circularity in the market

    For the second year in a row, Braskem is at the Lollapalooza Brazil festival to encourage the correct disposal of plastic with the Rock and Recycle by Braskem action. In 2022, around 130 thousand plastic items were collected at Braskem’s booth during the event. For this year, the expectation is to increase the volume of waste to be sent for recycling.

    Ana Laura Sivieri, Marketing and Communicator Officer at Braskem, celebrates the impact and effectiveness of the action: “We want the society to understand the importance of the active participation of all of us in plastic recycling. Our waste has a future, but for this, it needs to reach its correct destination. Andthatdepends on the joint efforts of industry, government and the population. Our action at LollaBR goes in this direction, aiming to engage people in such an important issue”, she says.

    The action is yet another Braskem initiative within the Wemove platform, created in 2022, which has as one of its purposes to educate the population about recycling. “Marking our presence for the second consecutive year at LollaBR consolidates our performance in major music festivals as a company that is committed to making the public aware of the importance of their participation in the circular economy,” adds the executive.

    Partnership to manage waste management

    Waste management for Lollapalooza Brazil 2023 shall be handled by Casa Causa, a sustainability strategy consultancy focused on zero landfill. The management shall contemplate, besides the collection, the qualification of partners and service providers, as well as the use of collectors’ cooperatives, which shall work in the separation of this material.

    This process will ensure that the operation is sustainable from start to finish, since the recyclable waste collected shall return to the industry in a responsible and conscientious manner, and the profit made shall feed several families, creating jobs and encouraging communities. The cooperative chosen to collect and correctly dispose of the plastic during the event is Coopercaps, located in São Paulo, with 19 years of existence.

    Action Dynamics

    Braskem shall have 4 waste collection points around the racetrack, called Rock and Recycle by Braskem, and another stand where festival attendees can exchange their points for gifts and dispose of their plastic items.

    The dynamic shall work on an incentive system, which generates points to those who take their plastic waste to the collection stations. The accumulated points can be exchanged for exclusive gifts. From 30 points on, the participant shall be able to make the exchange, and may receive: fanny packs, earrings, raffia bags, raincoats, yokes, virtual assistance device, among others.

    Among the new features of the action in 2023, there are the 15 collection carts that will move around the festival to facilitate the exchange of gifts, 2 of which will be inside the Lolla Lounge by Vivo. In addition, the company’s booth shall feature the “Recycling Tunnel,” where participants can follow the three stages of the recycling process: grinding, washing and drying, with sensory experiences.

    With the slogan “At Lolla BR, your wastehas a future”, the campaign, developed by Publicis, encourages the public to promote the correct disposal of recyclable items, raising awareness about the importance of implementing the plastic circular economy.

    Dani Ribeiro, Executive Creative Officer at Publicis, talks about Braskem’s communication concept for 2023. The creative explains that “Your waste has a future” has been worked on since the end-of-year campaign and permeates the brand’s entire communication for society in 2023.

    “More than actions, Braskem has created a platform with a presence and consistent messages about waste disposal and recycling. The message is that waste has value, it becomes a product again if it is disposed of correctly. Your waste has a future. Promoting an action like this in one of the biggest music festivals on the planet is something innovative and assertive, because it generates a necessary conversation with society, but in a unique and very well contextualized way”, explains.

    The pieces were developed with 3D illustrations, making the visual communication even more fluid and interesting. To maximize the reach of the campaign, the project’s media plan includes TV, OOH, radio, newspapers, and social networks.

    Campaign fact sheet

    Client: Braskem

    Product: Institutional

    Campaign: Lollapalooza Brazil 2023

    Title:  LollaBR23


    CCO: Mauro Ramalho

    ECD: Dani Ribeiro andFabio Astolpho

    DC: Jairo Anderson andDeh Bastos

    ACD: André LeottaandBruno Donadio

    Criação: Rodrigo Panachão, Lucas Nascimento, Rafael Barbosa, Pedro EspilotroandJessica Szklarz

    Illustration: Gelmi Art Studio

    Artbuyer: Raphael Macedo

    VP Attendance: Gabriela Borges

    Attendance: Beatriz Pedrosa, Mariana Corrales and Bárbara Medrado

    Media VP: Mauricio Almeida

    Media: Elisa Lustosa, Renata Oliveira, Felipe Peres, Bruna Moraes, Leandro Rodrigues and Fernanda Lima

    Head of Production: Renata Sayão

    RTV: Luize Oliveira, Renan Sales andEdivania Coimbra

    Project Head: Maria Fernanda Laudisio

    Projects: Rafael Melo andJessica Novais


    Animation Studio – Tüzüü

    Executive Producer: ViviDonegá

    Illustration and KV: Rodrigo Gelmi

    Executive Officer: Andrea Marquesi

    3D VFX Direction: Fabricio Navarro

    Composition: Felipe DumerComaru

    Motion: GuilhermeMourão

    Animatic: Eric Vanucci

    Finishing: Chiquinho Ruiz

    Soundtrack: Estúdio Casa da Árvore

    Producer/Composer: Pedro Penna

    Speaker: Brenda Mayer

    Customer Service: Renata Costa

    Client Approval: Marcelo Arantes, Ana Laura Sivieri, Ana Luiza Leite, Carina Shimizu, LaisMusetti Ramos de Souza, Carolina Pignata, and Gabriela Bacarin


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