• June festivals, a time for celebration

    DATE: 06/19/2018

    Published by: Novonor

    One of the most anticipated times of the year for many in Brazil and other countries, June brings festivals, history and fond memories. Learn the origins and curiosities of the month’s festivals as well as tips from team members


    For millennia, the month of June has been commemorated by many different peoples in various regions of the world. Before Christ, in the northern hemisphere, festivities were related to the passage from spring to summer, the so-called summer solstice, to celebrate the harvests at this time of the year.

    In Brazil, before the arrival of the Portuguese, June already had celebrations associated with agriculture featuring chanting and dancing. With the arrival of the Portuguese Jesuits, the indigenous traditions and religious character of June festivities were combined. The festivals began to pay homage to Catholic saints, such as St. Anthony of Padua, St. John the Baptist and St. Peter, and to feature a variety of dishes showcasing foods typical of the natives, a tradition that is recognized and practiced to this day.

    Do you like the June festivals? If so, see tips from team members Rodolfo, Zingara and Percy!


    “The June festivals always bring back great memories from my childhood. I especially remember setting off fireworks and building bonfires with my friends. To me, the best part of this time of the year are the festivals, with forró dancing and the traditional foods based on corn and tapioca. If you like traditional festivals, I recommend the São João Feira do Porto Festival, which is held from June 22 to 25 in the city of Cachoeira.”

    Rodolfo Buniac Moacir, team member at OEC, in Bahia


    “The São João festivals are etched into my emotional memory. When I was a kid, at this time of the year we would to go to my uncle’s farm, where the entire family would gather around the bonfire, play with fireworks and roast corn on the cob, while a forró trio would play songs by Luiz Gonzaga. The song “Riacho do Navio” is the one that most reminds me of that time. The festival in São João de Caruaru, which is located 130 kilometers from the capital Recife, has an agenda that spans the entire month and is really worth visiting. But my favorite São João festival is some 30 kilometers form Caruaru, in the neighboring city of Bezerros, which is located in Serra Negra Ecological Park at an altitude of 1,000 meters (3,300 ft.), where the temperate falls to 10 °C (50 °F) at night, and with a small-town feel that is just wonderful. I recommend arriving in the afternoon to watch the sunset. There’s still time to party there on the days of June 23, 24, 25 and 29.”

    Zingara Bold, team member at Odebrecht TransPort, in Pernambuco


    “Here in Peru we celebrate the San Juan Festival, when we prepare a special dish from the Peruvian jungle, Juane, which is made by stuffing banana leaves with rice, chicken, eggs and olives. When I was a kid, I remember my dad taking us during this time of the year to watch the soccer championship in the community of Prado, as well as the musical groups and parades in the streets. The community is located some 4 or 5 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado on the way to Cuzco. I recommend the festival because it is the most traditional one in my region, with typical food and the Carachamayo trail, with activities such as kayaking and sports fishing on the lakes. It’s also a great opportunity to discover the region’s wealth of biodiversity!”

    Percy Pinedo Guerra, team member at Latinvest, in Peru






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