• Event celebrates the delivery of the Monvert development at Horto Florestal

    DATE: 02/02/2023

    Published by: OR

    Idealized by OR, the reference construction in the neighborhood was delivered last Tuesday – 31st, in an exclusive event. 

    Carried out by OR, the delivery of the Monvert development took place on January 31, as a new reference in Horto Florestal, in Salvador. The event celebrated the early delivery to clients and included the presence of partner brands in the Yatch Bar and the toy room offering a great experience to the guests.

    With an exclusive, elegant, and sophisticated design, the high standard residential is a true encounter with nature. Monvert unites technology and sustainability, bringing the main technological trends with the objective of reducing environmental impacts.

    “We are very happy with the early delivery of the Monvert, which also had record sales when we launched. With the arrival of this development, Horto Florestal becomes even more coveted by people who seek an environment that connects with nature, as well as bringing comfort and tranquility to their daily lives, besides providing quality infrastructure and a privileged location,” says Eduardo Pedreira, LN of OR.

    The development is the first one at OR to offset part of its carbon emissions from the construction stage, which gave rise to the Refloresta program, conceived in partnership with OCT – Land Conservation Organization and FNO – Norberto Odebrecht Foundation. At the event, the clients present were able to participate in an action that aims to neutralize the carbon from the operation of the first year of operation of the development, by planting native trees of the Atlantic Forest in areas of environmental protection.


    About Monvert

    Strategically designed to meet the needs of the public in the region, offering comfort, practicality and sophistication, the construction of the Monvert had its sales success achieved in its launch at the end of 2018, where 140 units were sold out in less than 30 days and marked a moment of strengthening for the company in Bahia and consequently in the development of the sector in the state.

    Uniting technology and sustainability, the Monvert project, whose name alludes to the French expression ‘mon vert’ – my green, it brings the main technological trends that aim to reduce environmental impacts, such as the use of photovoltaic panels for power generation, installation of LED lamps in the living areas, which contribute to a reduction of up to 36% in energy consumption. The luxury development presents a concept of exclusivity, with a design that connects with nature and provides high quality standards.

    The Monvert has two towers, with names inspired by regions of France – Auvergne and Burgundy – with 34 and 36 floors respectively. The size of the apartments in the Borgonha tower is 230.32m², and in the Auvérnia 285.54m², both with two apartments per floor, with individualized social hall and four suites.

    Monvert’s common areas include a green area of approximately 2,600 m², a central square with adult and children’s pools, a Yacht Bar, a tennis court, a gourmet area, a party room for adults and children, a toy room, a playground, a health space – indoor swimming pool with lane, massage room, and sauna, gym, beach tennis, green area with a belvedere integrated with the original vegetation, and differentials such as a sports bar with bowling and a teen lounge.


    Monvert and the ESG commitment

    ESG practices, especially sustainability, were the main assets designed out for the construction of the project, aiming at savings and the conscious use of natural resources. As an example of the strategies adopted, we can mention the use of solar energy to supply the energy demand of the common areas, the use of water saving devices, the implementation of rainwater harvesting systems, and a gray water treatment plant.

    In addition, the Monvert is the first OR development to offset part of its carbon emissions from construction activities, which gave rise to the Refloresta program. It contemplates the planting of more than 2,000 Atlantic Forest native trees in environmental protection areas that will provide the recovery of degraded areas, which promotes soil protection, the recovery of springs, the availability of water, and also generates a positive impact for the local community.

    The development was the first residential project in the North-Northeast to receive the EDGE seal for Sustainable Construction, a certification created by the IFC – International Finance Corporation, member of the World Bank Group. The global certification is granted to developments that manage to reduce by at least 20% the use of water, energy, and also the energy used in the manufacturing of the materials incorporated in the product.

    For the construction of this new reference of the Horto Florestal, more than 1,800 direct and indirect jobs were generated during the work, also contributing to the local economy. “This residential is part of the developer’s commitment to economic development and improvement of society, and several direct jobs were generated during construction,” says Eduardo Pedreira.

    The early delivery of the Monvert to clients and its care throughout the process with members, ratifies OR’s commitment and represents another successful milestone.

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