• Ethics Line: new features incorporated into the channel are completing one year. We took stock of this first cycle

    DATE: 04/04/2018

    Published by: Novonor

    In May 2017, the Ethics Line channel underwent an important evolution at all Businesses of the Odebrecht Group with the incorporation of various new features that are aligned with best market practices.

    The main change was the hiring of a company to receive reports in a structured process. “All Businesses can count on the support of an independent company, ICTS. We opted to adopt the same partner, but each one manages their own channel,” explained Maria Cristina Lepikson, of the Compliance team at Odebrecht S.A.

    Other new features include the channel’s availability 24/7, the option to make a report to a specialized professional of ICTS and the receipt of a case number that allows for monitoring the status of the reports made.

    This new environment encourages engagement by people, who have begun to contribute more information. In these first 10 months, 56% of the reports received contained information that supported the opening of internal investigations. Previously, the utilization index was 21%. “The quality of reports is more important than the quantity. Quality has a direct impact on the resolution of cases. The more details and information, the faster and more accurate the investigation,” said Maria Cristina.


    See key numbers from the Ethics Line:


    For a more coverage of the topic, read the interviews with Cristina Lepikson, Compliance Coordinator at Odebrecht S.A., and with Marcelo Forma, a partner at ICTS Outsourcing who is responsible for managing the channel for the Businesses of the Odebrecht Group.

    Interview with Cristina Lepikson (Odebrecht S.A.)
    What should we expect from the Ethics Line channel?
    Click here

    Interview with Marcelo Forma (ICTS)
    What is the scenario for whistleblowing channels in Brazil and the world?
    Click here


    Coming soon:
    Interview with Compliance Leaders of the Businesses of Odebrecht Group. Stay tuned!


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