• Enseada’s Sport for All Project Supports Karate Cup in São Roque do Paraguaçu

    DATE: 11/09/2023

    Published by: Enseada

    Recognizing the importance of sports, especially those aimed at children and young people in the formative process, Enseada supported the realization of the XI COPA DE KARATÊ ORIENTAL INTERESTILOS through its “Esporte para Todos” (Sports for All) project, held in São Roque do Paraguaçu on October 29th, with the participation of around 350 people, including athletes, teachers, the refereeing team, family members, and residents.

    With more than 250 participants from the Salvador and Lauro de Freitas delegations, a total of 150 athletes competed in the various disciplines, of which around 50 came from São Roque do Paraguaçu and Salinas da Margarida.

    An event of this magnitude, in addition to promoting the importance of sports as a powerful tool in the socio-educational development of children and adolescents, promotes inclusion, stimulates the local economy, and strengthens the development of the region.

    Karate contributes to the socialization of children and adolescents because it mainly aims to shape the learner’s character. It is also understood that the practice of karate in childhood and adolescence favors the development of self-confidence, while also working on patience and developing self-control, discipline, perseverance, understanding and an open mind. Currently, social sports projects aim to fill the time of children, adolescents, and young people, especially during the school hours, with the goal of occupying their free time to keep them off the streets, away from drugs, and bad company.



    It was indeed a very emotional occasion! São Roque was celebrating!

    The event was also supported by Copa Engenharia, an Enseada partner company that is always present at our events.

    Since its foundation, Enseada has been committed to actions aimed at promoting and encouraging sports, as well as preserving and valuing local culture, with the genuine goal of strengthening initiatives like these in the surrounding region.

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