• Enseada encourages digital inclusion in the surrounding communities

    DATE: 05/11/2023

    Published by: Enseada

    With the purpose of supporting the digital inclusion of children and teenagers and contributing to the administrative work of educational institutions and social organizations, Enseada made computer donations on April 26th to the Desembargador Oscar Dantas Municipal School and the Association of Friends of São Roque do Paraguaçu.

    Enseada’s initiative is based on the premise that digital inclusion in schools contributes to creating a playful and dynamic learning environment with active student participation. This engagement is essential for the development of new skills and the learning of the content proposed by the school curriculum. It’s worth mentioning that the initiative also includes teachers and staff members, expanding their technological repertoire and promoting sociodigital inclusion as well. In turn, the Residents’ Association now has equipment that can be used to enable routine administrative actions aimed at meeting the demands of the community.

    Emerson Borges, the manager of Desembargador Oscar Dantas Municipal School, expressed his gratitude to Enseada for the donation of the 03 computers. He mentioned that “the objective is to teach the students and staff members of the school the basic principles of computer literacy. The creation of this computer facility will further enhance the education of our children by seeking to promote and teach them through extracurricular classes using technology as a method”.

    Whenever requested by institutions operating within the communities in its area of influence, often with demands focused on improving infrastructure, education, sports, culture, and well-being, Enseada strives to dedicate efforts to engage, establish partnerships, and address social issues. This demonstrates the commitment made to the local population after its implementation in the region and fulfills its social responsibility.

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