• Novonor companies win ISO Anti-Bribery Management Certificate

    DATE: 06/23/2021

    Published by: News

    Novonor, formerly Odebrecht, announced today (23/6) that, after an audit performed by an international company, it was awarded ISO 37001 Certificate – Anti-Bribery Management System, a milestone in the Group’s history of transformation.

    A few weeks ago, other companies of Novonor Group received the same certificate: the petrochemical industry Braskem, the engineering and construction company OEC, the oil and gas arm Ocyan, and Vexty, the Group’s private pension entity.

    This means that the holding and operating companies of Novonor Group now have an ISO Certificate confirming high standards of anti-corruption governance in their internal procedures.

    “This is an invaluable achievement,” says Novonor CEO José Mauro Carneiro da Cunha. “It is a seal that demonstrates to our customers and to society how authentic and resolute our transformation actions are,” added José Mauro.

    The transformation was accelerated last year. First, after an agreement with most of the creditors, the company’s Judicial Reorganization Plan was approved in July.

    Then, in November, the independent external monitoring that the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Brazilian Prosecution Office (MPF) conducted for the past three years in the company, in compliance with the leniency agreements signed with Brazilian and foreign authorities, was concluded.

    The monitors recognized the consistency of Novonor’s governance and compliance system. The last action taken by the MPF in relation to the monitoring occurred on 05/05/2021, when it ratified the implementation of the company’s integrity program.

    In December, the Group defined their expectations for the present and the future, their Purpose and strategic direction of the companies for this decade, represented by Vision 2030. And at the same time, they presented their new brand, Novonor, “inspired by the future,” according to an announcement made at the time.

    In a statement issued today to all members of the Group announcing the achievement of ISO 37001 Certification, José Mauro Carneiro da Cunha, who was Chairman of the Board and became Novonor’s CEO in April this year, said:

    “Transformation is a daily practice. It is not a predetermined fate. Every day, at every moment, we need to build and honor the fate we have outlined for ourselves as a company committed to operating with the highest ethical, technical, governance and efficiency standards, to promote growth and prosperity in Brazil and in the countries where we operate.”

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