• Destaque Award: check out the winners for the 31st edition

    DATE: 12/20/2022

    Published by: News Novonor


    On 12/16, the winner of the 2022 Highlight Award, in each category, was revealed live at the Novonor Group Annual Meeting. In this edition, a total of 6 works were awarded. Also, through the popular voting phase, we recognized the work most voted by Members and the project “Braskem 360º” in the Reputation category was the highlight with 196 votes. Click here and watch the award opening video.


    Check out the winners of the 31st edition below:


    Ocyan: pioneirismo na automatização do Plano da Qualidade para intervenção em poços
    Company: Ocyan
    Author: George Medeiros, Gabriela Martinez, Consuelo Campello, Carlos Guedes, Sonia Costa e Frederico Salucci.


    Jovens Desenvolvedores: Aprimorando Conhecimento e Desenvolvendo Sistemas Corporativos (Projeto SIREF)
    Company: OTP
    Author: Lucas da Silva Lima, Guilherme Gois Nicaretta, Fabio da Costa Braga, Jonathan da Silva Moraes, Helton Batista Marinho e Wilson Ferreira Medeiros.

    Protagonistas OR: valores que permeiam gerações 
    Company: OR
    Author: Giovanna Lopes.


    Cambiando la Historia – #construye
    Company: OEC
    Author: Luiz Gordilho, Arturo Graell e Mayra Cardenas.


    Cimbramento em superestrutura de concreto offshore: desafio no projeto TGS
    Company: OEC
    Author: Alvaro Maia, Clauss Ocké, Daniel Wanderley, Henrique Doca, Iuri Ferreira, Orres Vicente, Ricardo Corregio e Frederico Albuquerque.


    A new sustainable business is born: offsetting carbon footprint of product transportation
    Company: Braskem
    Author: Bruna Pastore, Marina Muniz Rossi, Reginandra Koch da Silveira e Tales Lazari da Silva.


    Congratulations to all participants and our thanks to the evaluation committee!

    Until the next edition…

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