• Criança Esperança supports Family Home in Baixo Sul region of Bahia

    DATE: 08/22/2018

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    In 2019, the Agroforest Family Home in the Baixo Sul region of Bahia (Cfaf) will have one more partner: Criança Esperança, a social program run by the TV network Rede Globo in partnership with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), which recently announced in its website the list of projects to which it will allocate funds next year.

    Family Home will receive support from Criança Esperança in 2019 to bolster the projects it runs for youth in the rural areas of Baixo Sul region

    “This is a very important endorsement for us, as it will give an even greater visibility to the training we provide youth in the rural area,” said Rita Cardoso, Director of Cfaf. With this support, the institution will continue the projects it maintains. “We will be able to offer more opportunities for students to put into practice in their communities all that they have been learning in the classroom,” she concluded.

    The news has been celebrated not only by the Cfaf staff and students, but also by the entire region. “The community is witness to our achievement,” Rita remarked. For her, the new partnership will boost the educational actions of the institution among young farmers, besides drawing attention to the town of Nilo Peçanha, the Home’s headquarters and the Baixo Sul region of Bahia.

    Besides Cfaf, the Rural Family Home of Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and the Rural Family Home of Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN) had already been selected to receive support from Criança Esperança – in 2017 and 2014, respectively.

    Other achievements

    Being included in the list of institutions supported by Criança Esperança comes on top of new partnerships established by Cfaf. In July this year, the Family Home, in partnership with the Industry Social Service (SESI) and the Knowledge Factory, inaugurated multimedia centers that have benefited students undergoing training and residents of surrounding areas, enabling them to browse through the books, comics, CDs and DVDs available in the facility, and also to access the Internet.

    Cfaf, CFR-I and CFR-PTN are educational institutions supported by the Odebrecht Foundation through the Program for Integrated Growth and Development with Sustainability (PDCIS).

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