• Coopatan has signed new business partnerships

    DATE: 09/01/2020

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Coopatan products can be found in new chain stores

    The President Tancredo Neves Rural Producers Cooperative (Coopatan) has just signed three new business partnerships, further strengthening family agriculture in Bahia Southern Lowlands. Now, the cooperative’s products can also be found at stores of Extra Group, Sam’s Club and Novo Mix in the Northeast region.

    Plantain chips, coconut stuffed beiju, cassava flour, tapioca dough and fresh crops such as bananas, cassava and pineapple will be offered to the customers. In addition to the new partners, Coopatan also makes available their products at Atacadão, G Barbosa, Big Group and Cesta do Povo stores.

    For Juscelino Macedo, president of Coopatan and one of the founders of the institution, searching for new markets is a way to stimulate economic development in the region. “We currently have 345 cooperative family farmers. Despite the context of this pandemic crisis, We have managed not only to keep to our deadlines, but to surpass results. That brings confidence to retail segment. It has been a year of many challenges, but we are achieving good results with agricultural production”, he says.

    Based in the city of Presidente Tancredo Neves, Coopatan celebrated two decades of existence in 2020. Founded by family farmers on July 18, 2000 with support of Brazilian Micro and Small Business  Support Service (Sebrae) and the Odebrecht Foundation, Coopatan had record salesin the month of June. More than 330 tons of food were produced by 136 associate members, whose production in the month was three times the amount achieved in the same period last year, in addition to record sales in the first half of the year, exceeding R$ 9 million.

    Focus on rural producers

    The results achieved by Coopatan are also the result of the way the institution works with rural producers, enabling not only access to new markets and fairer prices, but also to new production technologies and knowledge applied to the reality of the field.

    In partnership with the National Rural Learning Service  (SENAR)Coopatan offers training programs on topics such as rural property management and implementation of new crops. “Coopatan observes the need with cooperative members and get in touch with SENAR. We organize the people who want to participate and our partner teaches the course. Generally, is a 24-hour activity with practical and Theoretical classes,” explains Macedo.

    During the training, farmers learn how to record production costs, cash control and also the best agricultural techniques for soil preparation, planting and maintenance. In addition to receiving certificates, the farmers can make their farms more optimized. For the cooperative associate Marcos Pereira, it is important to be updated. “Each day, I specialize more to stay in the countryside, and produce the best product possible. I believe that life in the countryside is transforming: we feed the nation.” Says the farmer.

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