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    DATE: 04/07/2022

    Published by: Novonor



    Businessman, leader educator, human being. With a life marked by the spirit of service and dedication to people, Norberto Odebrecht, our founder, built an important legacy, always aiming at to contribute to the development of leaders through example.




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    – Another reading indication is the book ‘Ser Empresário’ by Antonio Carlos Gomes da Costa in 2004

    Synopsis: In a world marked by instability, Norberto Odebrecht, one of Brazil’s greatest entrepreneurs, built a set of fundamental principles intended to become a stable and perennial cultural base for the growth of the Organization he founded. This is an example, perhaps the only one, of a large national group that was structured with basis on a philosophical view of work. In light of these principles, educator Antonio Carlos Gomes da Costa, a consultant for companies and international organizations, seeks, in this book, to answer the question “what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?” and launches the thesis that, in the coming decades, philosophy and business life will converge.

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