• Planning Cycle and Annual Meeting of Odebrecht S.A.

    DATA: 11/29/2018

    Dear Team Member,

    We are a few days away from concluding the negotiation of 2019-2021 PAs of Businesses and Odebrecht S.A. with their respective Boards of Directors, while remaining focused on delivering our PAs for 2018. This important stage in our planning cycle leads us to once again reflect on our short-term challenges and priorities, as well as on the strategic direction we want to take towards growth and creating value for the Businesses.

    In this regard, I wish to share with you the theme chosen by Odebrecht S.A. for our 2018 annual meeting, to be held at our São Paulo office on December 13, in which shareholders and about 160 leaders from across the Group will participate. Moreover, for the first time this meeting will be attended by the new independent directors of Odebrecht S.A., and the independent directors appointed by Odebrecht to the Boards of the Businesses.

    Exist, Coexist and Dream. With this inspiring motto, we call upon our leaders and teams to reflect on our capacity to get things done. We are in a challenging moment. We need to interact in order to keep up with the changes in a society that is in constant transformation. And, as much as our commitment to survive and deliver results in the present is a priority, we have the right and the need to dream… dream to achieve.

    In 2018, we made significant progress in our business recovery process, continuing the deleveraging program by divesting assets, signing new leniency agreements in Brazil and abroad and making adjustments to our macrostructures and processes in order to improve our managerial efficiency. In 2019, we will continue this journey. Both Odebrecht S.A. and each one of the Businesses will continue to face the challenges head-on, with support from their external advisors and in compliance with their own governance policies, seeking the best capital structures that ensure self-sufficiency, sustainability and value creation.

    We believe our journey will bring us increasingly closer to our internal and external stakeholders, enabling us to win back the society’s trust that we so desire.

    In 2019, as we complete 75 years of our foundation, we will prepare the Group’s Purpose and our Long-Term Vision for 2030. There is a promising horizon for resumption of growth in Brazil, marked by new opportunities for generating wealth for our clients, our businesses and society. We are prepared for this. We have installed capacity, high quality professionals, technology and an unquestionable history of excellence in our deliveries. Our focus should be on the satisfaction of current clients and the incessant pursuit of new achievements, clients and projects.

    My commitment to all of you is to, by the end of the meeting on December 13, share the key messages and conclusions. Overcoming the challenges of the present and building the future we want are achievements that are possible only with the engagement and unity of all of us.

    Warm regards,

    Luciano Guidolin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Odebrecht S.A.

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