• Integra | Message from CEO

    DATA: 06/01/2022

    Dear Member,

    Today we are kicking off the Integra Project.

    Integra aims at to better prepare Novonor Group to resume our business growth, providing greater integration, agility, efficiency, and process security. We need to continuously increase our synergy and competitiveness, being more and more prepared to conquer and serve current and new customers.

    Since last year, we have carried out joint actions in this direction, giving the holding company an even more strategic role, focused primarily on supporting the Business Leaders.

    Integra was approved by the Board of Directors of Novonor S.A. to cover the holding company and all its controlled companies, except Braskem and Ocyan. It was conceived and will be developed with the direct participation of the Business Leaders and will have my full support in all stages.

    Integra will guide us in understanding and proposing the best operational model to speed up, strengthen, and integrate our support structures, simplifying processes, reducing costs, and at the same time preserving the non-delegable responsibility of each Leader for the Entrepreneurship of their Business, in alignment with the values of Our Culture.

    The work will be developed in two stages with the support of the consulting firm Accenture.

    In the first stage, a diagnosis of opportunities will be made in order to improve the services provided and of possible synergies to be captured, and as a result of this evaluation, a second stage will be undertaken to implement the results of such evaluation.

    Throughout the project, I will keep you informed about the development of the work and its results. I count on all of you for the success of Integra.


    Héctor Núñez
    Novonor S.A.

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