• Choosing the best paths

    DATE: 01/05/2022

    Published by: Horiens

    To evolve and grow, taking risks is inevitable. At Horiens, we believe that this is how we walk the paths to transform dreams into reality and, therefore, our mission is to support companies from the most diverse segments in this journey.

    And so that our clients can take only the good risks, taking safe steps in the best direction, throughout the more than 40 years of Horiens’ performance, our job has been to be ahead of the events, bringing support, knowledge and experience in the day-to-day and in the big challenges.

    Watch our video ‘Choosing the best paths’ and inspire yourself for your achievements in 2022!

    Enjoy to review the video by Marcelo Neves, Responsible for Horiens, presented at the Novonor Group Annual Meeting. In the video, Marcelo tells the highlights of 2021 and the challenges for the next years.

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