• Check out the report on the first 18 months of the Ethics Line new operating model at the Odebrecht Group

    DATE: 11/07/2018

    Published by: Novonor

    Seeking continuous improvement in compliance practices, in April 2017, the Businesses of the Odebrecht Group implemented a number of improvements in their management of the Ethics Line channel, which is an important tool for maintaining a business environment and workplace guided by integrity, ethics and transparency.

    The main new development was hiring ICTS, a company specializing in management with extensive market experience, to receive and forward the reports. This ensures a higher quality process, given the use of a specialized and multidisciplinary team to receive and qualify the reports received, as well as a methodology for capturing as much information as possible at the time of the report.

    “The new process has reinforced people’s confidence in using the Ethics Line channel and resulted in it receiving reports with higher quality information, which has supported more productive investigations and more timely results,” said Olga Pontes, Chief Compliance Officer at Odebrecht S.A.


    See some indicators for the Ethics Line
    at the Odebrecht Group*:




    Learn more about the management of the
    Ethics Line channel at OEC and Atvos:



    Interview with Margarida Smith, Chief Compliance Officer at OEC

    Clik here



    Interview with Felipe Cabral, Chief Compliance Officer at Atvos

    Click here

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