• CFR-I is selected for Criança Esperança for the second time

    DATE: 08/19/2022

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    The Igrapiúna Rural Casa Familiar (CFR-I), A rural school that is a partner of the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation in carrying out its Social Program is one of the organizations selected by Criança Esperança 2022, initiative of Rede Globo together with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The announcement was made this Monday, the 15th, in a report broadcast on the network’s programming for all of Brazil. This is the second time that the institution was contemplated by the public notice.

    “This is a great recognition. This shows that we continue to perform impactful work, in synergy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” says Francisvaldo Roza, director of the institution. “[Being awarded by the campaign] evidences that we are on the right track. With the support of all our partners, such as the Foundation, and now also with Criança Esperança, we will continue generating social impact in our region,” he says. CFR-I celebrates, this year, 15 years of activities training young rural farmers in High School integrated to the technical course in Agribusiness.

    Um jovem negro dá uma entrevista em um cenário rural

    Kaíque, a young student at the Igrapiúna Rural Casa Familiar, created two inventions to make his family’s life easier. Watch the video and understand!


    With the slogan “Education is our hope”, this edition of Criança Esperança awarded 71 institutions throughout Brazil – 22 of them for the first time – with nearly BRL 300,000. In the case of Casa Familiar Rural de Igrapiúna, the contribution will be used in 2023 to cover expenses with food, human resources, transportation, and equipment maintenance for the students’ training. Did you know that other Family Homes PDCIS partners have also been contemplated by Criança Esperança? Remember here!

    For Fabio Wanderley, superintendent of the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation, the awarding of the CFR-I (and other institutions) for the initiative is proof of differentiation of these institutions within the Third Sector. “Besides generating a transforming social impact, Casa Familiar has an efficient management, with the capacity to aggregate partners and social investors for the common good. This robustness, of course, is the result of a long process led by the institution and the beneficiary communities themselves. We are happy to have contributed and to continue contributing to strengthen this potential during the 15 years of the institution,” he explains.

    Transforming Stories

    The story of young Kaique dos Santos, who is in the 1st year of CFR-I training, was highlighted in the award’s report. At the age of 17, the boy is already an inventor. From his experiences helping his mother on the plantations and his father in a mechanical workshop, the young man created a cardboard incubator (for chicken eggs), that works even without electricity; and a pipe system that allows piped water to reach the house in a sustainable way – before, it was necessary to use a pump.

    Kaique’s potential and creativity are being enhanced with education at Casa Familiar, where he also participates in studies and projects connected with entrepreneurship and innovation. For this reason, the young man considers winning the support of Criança Esperança for the second time so important. “This gives more opportunity to the youth, because as more partners arrive, they have more income to increase the quantity of students and the quality of education,” says Kaique. “My class, for example, was the largest that joined Casa Familiar. And I hope that in the coming years more supporters will provide opportunities for more young people to get an education.”

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