• Tribute to the Future 2021 Campaign has already begun

    DATE: 09/28/2021

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    The initiative contributes to education quality of teenagers in rural areas

    A school does not educate students alone. To do this, it relies on a large network: parents, educators, partners, and teenagers themselves. And, the rural schools supported by the Tribute to the Future campaign can also rely on you, who can contribute to this transformation network. The 2021 edition of the initiative (28), And brings together resources to make possible for teenagers in rural areas to have access to a quality education. For 17 years, this campaign has been coordinated by the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation, and engages society and members of the entire Novonor Group. This year, the Tribute to the Future slogan reflects this connection. After all, we are all United for Education.

    The initiative mobilizes funds destinations and donations for the projects via the Municipal Fund for Childhood and Adolescence (FIA)that benefit the three Rural Family Houses in the Southern Bahia Lowlands, partners of the Foundation in the performance of their social program, the PDCIS.

    The funds collected go directly to the municipal funds, which are managed by the Municipal Councils for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA) of the cities where the schools supported  by the project are located. After the campaign, they receive 90% of the funds raised, while the other 10% goes to other smaller institutions in the region that also develop projects for children and adolescents.

    Meet Patrícia, a teenager benefited from the campaign

    Patrícia is an example of a teenager who will benefit from your contribution

    “The more you strive, the more you grow, right?”. This thought drove Patrícia Oliveira, 18, who lives in community of Ponte Pedro Nunes, in Taperoá (BA)to study at the Agroforestry Family House. There, she gets the knowledge and support necessary to develop and grow in the field.

    “I always was interested in studying, and that’s when I learned about House and decided to come here. Here I got to know more,” she explains. At the school, she attends high school integrated to the certificate course in Forestry. ” I only had a basic notion of farming. But now I have several guidelines on how to plant and grow in the field, and now I get to guide my parents at home. When I saw they planted something in the wrong way, I would help and explain the correct manner”, she says.

    With the encouragement of her parents, teachers, friends, and you, who can be a donor to Tribute to the Future, she aims at to achieve her life goals. “Between the ages of 14 and 18, we gorw and get a sense of what we want for the future,” says Patricia, “And my dreams have grown here.”

    Who can contribute?

    Anyone can participate in the Tribute to the Future campaign. To get started, all you need to do is make a quick registration by clicking here and enter the amount you wish to donate. Then you have to choose which of the three projects you want to contribute to and select the payment method: credit card or payment slip.

    After making your contribution, did you know that you can get a refund through your income tax return? In Brazil, income tax payers (Individuals) who make their Annual Return through the complete form can destine up to 6% of the tax to projects with incentives, Such as the Family House projects.

    By doing so, if you have tax payable, the amount destined Tribute to the Future campaign will be deducted from the total amount. In the case of tax refund, the value will be added to the amount. In other words: the donation you make this year can be declared in your 2022 Income Tax Return, and you can obtain the tax benefit.

    Contribute now and support the education of hundreds of teenagers!

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