• Braskem remains on Climate and Water A Lists

    DATE: 02/07/2019

    Published by: Braskem

    Braskem’s management and investments to promote the sustainable development of its operation have been recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP), a non-profit organization that selects the world’s best public corporations based on their management of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and forest use. The company remained on the CDP A List, becoming the only Brazilian company to attain the highest possible score for climate change, for three straight years, and for water security, for the second time.

    Engaged in ensuring responsible business activities, of the 7,000 companies that were assessed, Braskem is one of the 126 that figured on the A List for climate change and of the 27 that figured on the A List for water security. In 2018, the ranking recognized 120 companies in the former group and 74 in the latter. Braskem was one of 16 companies in the world that obtained the highest scores in both rankings, of which only two are Brazilian and only three are in the chemical industry.

    “Over the years, we’ve been sharing our experiences in sustainable development to engage clients and suppliers, seeking to expand the chain’s contributions to economic, social and environmental development. Specifically, recognition such as the CDP A List strengthens our capacity to cooperate with partners to promote efficient water management and emissions reductions,” said Jorge Soto, Sustainable Development Officer at Braskem.
    “I want to congratulate all the companies that figured this year on the CDP A List. They are the ones positioning themselves to provide solutions, capture new market opportunities and prosper in the transition towards a sustainable economy. We must urgently intensify our environmental efforts at all levels to comply with the targets set in the Paris Agreement and in the Sustainable Development Goals. Of course, the business world plays an essential role in this transition and A List companies are prepared to make a substantial contribution to these targets,” said Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP.

    More about the assessment
    The CDP assessment of the control of pollutant gas emissions, management of water resources and the use of forests by major global companies is one of the most important and recognized in the world. Every year, the organization compiles data and opportunities related to climate change from over 2,000 companies with operations on all continents. The CDP questionnaire assigns company’s scores from A to D on aspects such as “disclosure,” “awareness,” “management” and “leadership” regarding their gas emissions and investments in actions to reduce the level of pollutants emitted into the air, in addition to water consumption and the impact on forest preservation.

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