• Braskem reinforces commitment to waste disposal on International Recycling Day

    DATE: 05/25/2023

    Published by: Braskem

    In 2022, collection and proper disposal actions in the communities of the eastern region of São Paulo and ABC (Greater São Paulo area) gathered over 27 tons of waste, initiatives that not only contributed to generating income but also raised awareness about environmental issues

    Committed to strengthening the circular economy and promoting recycling, Braskem develops a series of initiatives to raise awareness and engage the population, especially in the regions surrounding its industrial units. On May 17th, which is the International Recycling Day, the company reinforces its commitment to achieve its targets for eliminating plastic waste by highlighting actions that count on the support of society to build a more sustainable future.

    Em 2023, a empresa tem expectativa de realizar diversos projetos com foco na reciclagem

    For 2023, the company expects to develop several projects focused on recycling. The Creative Studio project is an example of this, with its first inaugural class held on May 15th in Parque São Rafael, in São Paulo’s east zone. The free course is run in partnership with Quest/Zeppelin company and will teach 60 young people to generate income by recycling plastic. The participants will have access to a fully-furnished laboratory in a fully adapted room equipped with electric and manual tools, computers, as well as plastic recycling machines such as grinders, injectors, 3D printers, compression machines and milling machines so that they can transform the raw materials into utensils or works of art.

    Two other actions carried out in 2022 were responsible for collecting 27.6 tons of solid waste. They are: Plastitroque and Braskem recicla. The first project is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness on the importance of the correct disposal of plastic materials by encouraging citizens to exchange their waste for kits and gifts. Last year, this action collected 2.1 tons and, in exchange, the community received 340 kits made up of school materials and/or food items, personal hygiene and gifts.

    Braskem recicla is a project that invites the population to take their recyclable waste to recycling and environmental education stations set up in public places. Held in partnership with startup SOLOS and local municipalities, the action had three editions (two in Santo André and one in Mauá), engaged around 330 thousand people and generated BRL 54 thousand for the collectors involved, 95% of whom were women, also contributing to local economic development. Through this action, Braskem collected 25.5 tons of sanitized post-consumption items (such as plastic, paper, cardboard, cooking oil, electronics, household appliances, metals and glass).

    “Braskem has a strong commitment to plastic waste disposal and sees the circular economy model as a path to sustainable development. Therefore, besides investing in technologies that mitigate the environmental impacts within the chain, we also develop initiatives inviting and engaging the population to help us in this process, stressing the importance of recycling”, says Sylvia Tabarin, Institutional Relations Manager at Braskem in the Southeast.

    Another action that Braskem undertakes together with the communities is the *Ser+* project, which aims at promoting social inclusion and socioeconomic development of the workers of the waste sorting units by fostering the development of the national recycling chain. Over 430 cooperative members in the ABC Paulista region have already been impacted by actions such as management support, equipment and infrastructure donations. Besides São Paulo, the action is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Alagoas, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul.

    In environmental awareness, Braskem reinforces its role through the Braskem Environmental Education Program developed in partnership with SESI with a methodology that includes interactive activities and experiences, workshops, dynamics, lectures (dialogued exhibition) and educational tours. The proposal contemplates important themes related to conscious consumption and circular economy and that need to be contextualized for children and adolescents. Around 720 students have already been impacted by the project in 2022 and, in the ABC, 11 schools have participated in the editions, which have been taking place since 2015. In 2023, two more schools are becoming part of the Program.

    “On this International Recycling Day, we celebrate our efforts and results and we also take the opportunity to acquire even more inspiration for future projects to come around recycling, a practice that deserves more and more attention and generates benefits for everyone”, explains Sylvia.

    Plastic waste disposal targets

    Besides having the goal of reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Braskem intends to include 300,000 tons of products with recycled content in its portfolio by 2025, and 1 million tons of these products by 2030. Also by 2030, the company shall work to prevent 1.5 million tons of plastic waste from being sent to incineration, landfill, or dumped in the environment.

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