• Braskem joins five initiatives of the 2030 Ambition, from the UN Global Compact.

    DATE: 08/24/2023

    Published by: Braskem

    Commitments made by the company contribute to its sustainable agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN.

    A member of the UN Global Compact in Brazil, Braskem has committed to five initiatives of the 2030 Ambition strategy: + Water, 100% Transparency, Women Lead 2030, Mind in Focus, and Circular Connection. The aim is to advance its sustainable agenda by contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    “Braskem’s purpose is to improve people’s lives by creating sustainable chemical and plastic solutions. We increasingly wish to be recognized as a company committed to sustainable development. We understand that the commitments made with the 2030 Ambition are aligned with our strategy, and in this way we can contribute to the collective goals of the Global Compact,” states Roberto Bischoff, CEO of Braskem.

    The Movements are a call from the UN Global Compact in Brazil to Brazilian companies to recognize the urgency and need to promote concrete actions, with targets and public commitments. These commitments are signed by the companies’ CEOs, ensuring they will be fulfilled.

    “Today we know how fundamental sustainability performance is to business strategies and how essential the UN Global Compact in Brazil is as a platform for organizations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. When a company the size of Braskem commits to the goals of so many Initiatives, it’s not just the company that benefits, but the market and society as well, because it inspires the entire sector to create positive impact,” comments Carlo Pereira, CEO of the UN Global Compact in Brazil.

    Iniciatives linked to the SDGs

    The agendas are considered priority for achieving the collective goals set by the 2030 Ambition, which is led by the UN Global Compact in Brazil and aims to boost actions taken by companies that contribute to society. The idea is that the initiatives help companies recognize the urgency and the need to make public commitments to promote concrete actions, with verifiable goals.

    Each initiative has its own specificities, both in terms of how companies engage with the theme and in terms of goals and deadlines, and aligns with specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    The 2030 Ambition strategy includes annual monitoring of the progress of companies that are signatories to the Initiatives, with results made public through the 2030 Observatory platform. The Global Compact’s expectation is that this initiative will increase the efficiency of private sector engagement in the SDGs.

    Blue Keepers

    In addition to joining the five initiatives of the 2030 Ambition strategy, Braskem is already collaborating with another initiative of the UN Global Compact in Brazil, the Blue Keepers— a project developed to systematically and sustainably prevent plastic waste from escaping into rivers and oceans. With joint coordination and a focus on waste management, Blue Keepers aims to generate impact in the short, medium, and long term through diagnostic fronts, solutions, pilot projects, and public management.

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