• Innovation from Bahia enables operation port-logistics in record time

    DATE: 03/16/2023

    Published by: Enseada

    The implementation of the Tanque Novo Wind Project, in Bahia, continues at full steam and its inauguration is confirmed by CGN Brasil for next April. The port-logistics operation completed at the Enseada industrial and logistics complex, located in Maragojipe , in the Recôncavo region of Bahia, was one of the pillars of the success of the operation. In total, 40 wind turbines manufactured by Goldwind were received, stored in the complex’s 750,000 m 2  bonded area and transported to their destination, approximately 1,000 km away from the complex. The entire operation was carried out in record time, taking into account the shipment in China until the final landing in the southern region of Bahia. With one detail: the success of the activities had a great contribution thanks to an innovation by an engineer from Bahia.

    Inspired by a surfboard, he came up with the idea of inverting the set (truck, supports and blades) and created a pair of devices that, once placed on the special trailer that transports the blades when disembarking the ship, made it possible to reverse the side of the sweep of the shovel, which is 76 meters long and weighs 22 tons.

    “Conventional transport is carried out with the tail towards the back of the special trailer. With the shovel inverted, we made it possible for the sweep to be from the front, eliminating possible interference within the industrial complex”, reveals Danilo Oliveira, mechanical engineer at Enseada with an MBA in Lean Manufacturing and developer of the solution.

    Danilo Oliveira, mechanical engineer at Enseada

    Still according to him, the innovation was conceived together with company professionals, simulated in engineering software and tested on the Enseada pier before execution, guaranteeing a safe, productive and faultless operation in all stages of the port-logistic contract.

    Regional development

    From the first moment of the operation, the focus on productivity and safety were prioritized. “The wind turbines were moved in a meticulous port operation and were temporarily stored in our bonded yard. Finally, through road transport, our client gradually transported the sets to the south of Bahia”, details Mário Moura, Director of Operations at Enseada.

    Another highlight of the contract, says Enseada’s Business Director, Carlos Tsubake , is the consolidation of the terminal as a pole that attracts new business opportunities and generates employment and income, contributing to sustainable regional development. “Bahia has, in Enseada, a world-class naval, port-logistics and industrial complex, the result of a private investment of BRL 3 billion, which is ready to generate even more qualified jobs in the state”, guarantees Tsubake.


    The Tanque Novo Wind Complex is located in the municipalities of Tanque Novo and Caetité, both in the southern region of Bahia. Soon, the Complex will have a total of 40 wind turbines distributed in seven wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 180 MW. The implementation of the Park will consolidate Bahia’s national leadership in wind energy generation, with more than 30% of national production. In December, Goldwind concluded with its client CGN Brasil, in record time, 50% of the installation of wind turbines and by April 100% will be finished, increasing the installed capacity.

    For the CEO of CGN Brasil, Yao Zhigang , the achievement will guarantee the state a leading position in the generation of clean and renewable energy in the country, which demonstrates the correctness of the policy defended and implemented 10 years ago by the Government of Bahia. “We are implementing one of the most modern and productive wind farms in Brazil and the Government of Bahia has been a fundamental partner in the success of the operation”, said Yao Zhigang .

    About the Cove

    offshore construction, repair and maintenance projects, in addition to providing logistical, port and industrial solutions . for customers and partners.

    About CGN Brazil

    CGN Brasil is a multinational company in the energy sector, affiliated with CGN Energy International Holdings Co. Limited . Its operation in Brazil began in 2019 after the acquisition of wind energy projects from the company Atlantic Energias Renováveis SA, in addition to two others

    photovoltaic and wind complexes. Today, CGN Brasil has 51 parks, including wind and solar, with a total installed capacity of 1,324GW distributed among the states of Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul.

    About Goldwind

    Goldwind , a Chinese multinational, manufacturer of high- performance wind turbines, is a global leader in clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection. Goldwind is committed to promoting energy transformation to ensure affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all and to drive a renewable future, offering customized technology solutions for customers with diverse profiles and needs .

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