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    DATE: 03/27/2020

    Published by: Horiens

    Horiens Team visits Atvos to talk about health and prevention with the members. Learn more.

    Being close to the client, especially in the field, is a premise and one of the main differentials of Horiens` work model, a company of the Group that offers risk management and insurance services for companies. On a daily basis, this translates into actions such as the one carried out during Atvos’ SIPAT (Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work).

    In February, Horiens’ Personnel Insurance team visited Atvos` Units of Morro Vermelho, Água Emendada, Costa Rica, Rio Claro, and Conquista do Pontal to clarify the members` doubts about the Health and Dental Plan. The insurance companies Sul América, which provides Atvos with health insurance, and Odontoprev, which provides dental insurance, were together following the SIPAT closely.

    “Atvos` focus was to stimulate prevention through information and support, and having access to a health and dental insurance is a relevant attitude in this sense,” says Laudelino Soares, head of Personnel Insurance area at Horiens. “Insurance companies have prevention and health monitoring programs that are important for the prevention of diseases or even to prevent the worsening of health problems when detected early,” explains Laudelino.

    There are many programs of this type available to the members of the Group companies. Usually, they are managed by the Health and P&O areas of the companies, with the support of Horiens and insurance companies, focusing on the management of chronic diseases, spine, healthy aging, support to pregnancy, and others.

    Marli Mazzini, responsible for Personnel Management and Labor Relations at Atvos, highlights the importance of the presence of Horiens and the insurance companies at the SIPAT. “In addition to clarifying doubts, our members had the opportunity to see the relevance of these partnerships in their search for health care, life quality and well-being, as well as their families`. We thank Horiens team for their partnership in Atvos’ tireless search for sustainability and quality of benefit plans”.


    At Atvos, in addition to clarifying information about the programs, the health discussion included the topic of the conscious use of Health and Dental insurance plans. “The conscious and responsible use of the plans benefits everyone. It is very important that each member be aware of this, as well as their relatives who also use the benefit. We always say: if you know how to use it, you won’t be without it. Guiding and providing the right resources is our role. To think about the collective is everyone’s duty,” Laudelino says.

    “I am fully convinced that the pedagogy of the presence at Atvos Units, as well as the direct contact with the members, are the most powerful tools to achieve excellence in the proper use of Health and Dental insurance. Horiens teams, along with SulAmérica and Odontoprev have done an excellent job in our environments” – Mr. José Henrique Setta, M.D., head of Atvos’ medical department.


    More information, more benefits in everyday life
    For Rosi Alves, member of the Personnel and Organization team of Atvos Araguaia Pole, the participation of Horiens and the insurance companies in this year’s SIPAT brought to light useful information for everyday life.

    “We had the opportunity to know some benefits that the plans have to offer us at no cost and with no co-participation charges. In this SIPAT, I get to know, for example, the insurer`s application, which has the Medical Service on Screen, a mode that puts the doctor in contact with the patient through video conferencing for an online consultation, without the need for the patient`s displacement. The hotline is another excellent resource that can guide you if it’s time to look for the emergency room or not”, he explains. “For me, as a team member and member of the P&O, it was very important to disseminate this information to members”.

    The action has been carried out frequently in recent years, in many Horiens clients, such as Prosub and ICN, always in partnership with the company’s Benefits or P&O management area. Did you like the idea? Ask your P&O to receive Horiens in your work environment.

    Check out the photos of Horiens’ presence with the insurance companies at Atvos SIPAT

    Part of Horiens’ role in Atvos SIPAT was to meet with the leaders of these units, focusing on analyzing the data and mitigating risks to provide the best service to its members.

    In the visits round, about 3 thousand members could learn more about the Health (SulAmérica) and Dental (Odontoprev) insurance plans, in addition to talking about health care and conscious use of the plan.

    Periodically, Horiens holds committees with the medical and P&O areas of Atvos’ units, bringing the insurers to take part of the discussion, in order to deal with issues relevant to the health management of the members. The actions are supported by chronic disease and pregnancy programs, among others, offered by the health plans.

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