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    DATE: 01/24/2024

    Published by: Vexty

    Have you ever received the Investment Bulletin with highlights of the month’s main economic events or an email celebrating your achievement in increasing your assets? You’ve probably already answered some of the Satisfaction Surveys we carry out or participated in a quarterly webinar

    Don’t you remember any of these press releases? To keep up to date and give your opinion on everything that happens at Vexty, it is important to have your contact details correctly registered in your restricted area on the Vexty website.

    Your e-mail address and telephone number are important ways for Vexty to reach you.

    Access the restrict area with your login and password and, next to your information, click on Update your data now and check that your registration information is up to date.


    If your contact details, e-mail and telephone number are out of date, please contact us.

    Always being informed about my plan. Vexty. Absolutely

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