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    DATE: 02/02/2023

    Published by: Enseada


    According to Law No. 9.503, of 1997, which institutes the Brazilian Traffic Code, traffic is considered to be the use of roads by people, vehicles and animals, alone or in groups, driven or not, for the purposes of circulation, stopping, parking, and loading or unloading operations.

    The operations of the Private Use Terminal and the Enseada Shipyard are directly linked to traffic, since the shipments that arrive or leave the development arrive or leave by road, and there is also a daily movement of employees using motor vehicles.

    In view of this reality and knowing how important it is to have safe traffic, not only in the vicinity of the TUP, but along the entire route traveled by vehicles, Enseada regularly conducts awareness campaigns for drivers who pass through the terminal. Raising awareness among drivers about the importance of each one’s actions to avoid accidents is a big step, especially to ensure more safety in traffic.

    On January 25, 2023, the awareness campaign for safe traffic began. In this opportunity, 43 drivers of ore trailers, hired by Enseada’s clients, were approached and themes related to respecting the speed limits of the roads, the need for vehicle maintenance, the use of seat belts, safe distance to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and other vehicles, and prohibition of the use of alcohol/drugs while driving were discussed. In addition to this, the rules about the days and times allowed to drive in the Terminal and its surroundings were emphasized, and drivers were asked to double their attention when driving through the urban roads of the surrounding communities, where there are often children playing on the side of the road, loose animals, among other situations that put both parties at risk.

    For the sake of safe traffic, everyone should be aware of their rights and duties. The sum of individual efforts and actions is the path to follow in order to reduce the risks of accidents and achieve safe traffic.


    This action is part of the scope of Enseada’s social responsibility actions and the Social Communication Program – PCS of the Operation Permit No. 19,900, of January 7, 2020, and the Alteration License No. 20.117, of February 14, 2020, issued by the Institute for the Environment and Water Resources – INEMA.




    Enseada, in compliance with what was collectively agreed with the community’s commission of local leaders, has started the execution of the “Safe Sidewalk Project”, with the implementation of sidewalks in a stretch of about 2km in the region known as “Pistão”, which will benefit about 400 families. The first 150 meters of sidewalk have already been completed, improving mobility conditions and providing greater safety and convenience to local residents.

    For this action, Enseada made available the engineering team responsible for the planning of the “Safe Sidewalk” project and has been providing construction materials, equipment, and PPE for the execution of the work. In addition, it articulated the support of partner companies such as Copa Engenharia, Rodogranel, and Tranpes transport companies to monitor the actions and hire labor intermediated by STIM Maragojipe and the Association of Workers. It is worth mentioning the effective participation of local leaders who, besides following the progress of the work, make their houses available as support points for storing material and providing support for the team of workers.

    For Antônio Bonfim, President of the Association of Friends of São Roque and representative of the Pistão Leadership Commission:

    “First of all, it will generate a certain comfort for those who need to get around on the street to their particular point, from the beginning to the end of Pistão. We, as a community, went after the Shipyard, which through our partnership agreed to do it within its means. At first, we can say that it is already a very positive thing because we can see people walking on the sidewalk and it is giving an air of organization to the neighborhood of the Substation, and this is very positive. I, as a committee member, have only to say that it was something that really came to benefit the Substation community and so as a whole, passersby will pass by and see that São Roque is getting a new face.”

    Sidewalks support daily movement and have a direct impact on the collective, influencing quality of life, safety, culture, business, and the identity of places. Thus, the “Safe Sidewalks” project also contributes to recover citizenship, collective coexistence, and the well-being of the residents of São Roque do Paraguaçu.

    Before, pedestrians walked in areas with uneven terrain and a lot of vegetation, and when it rained, the mud and water puddles became a big problem to be able to get somewhere without getting dirty.


    This action is part of the scope of Enseada’s social responsibility actions and the Environmental Education and Social Communication Programs – PEA and PCS of the Operation Permit No. 19,900, of January 7, 2020, and the Alteration License No. 20.117, of February 14, 2020, issued by the Institute for the Environment and Water Resources – INEMA.


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