• Message from Ruy Sampaio | Independent Monitorship: Compliance culture survey

    DATA: 04/28/2020

    Dear member,

    We are now in the third year of the independent compliance monitorship mandated by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Prosecution Service of Brazil (MPF).

    As part of this year’s review, the Monitorship Team will be conducting a confidential survey to assess your opinions and perceptions of the company’s compliance program. 

    You will be receiving an email from the Independent Compliance Monitorship Team (, inviting you to take the survey.

    Your opinion is very important and your responses will be kept completely confidential and anonymous.  The responses will be tabulated and aggregated results shared with certain leaders of the company.

    We ask that you answer these questions sincerely.

    Thank you,

    Ruy Sampaio

    Chief Executive Officer

    Odebrecht S.A.

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